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Pianoforall is, hands down, one of the best piano programs on the marketplace today. The point with this ebook is that it introduces you to advanced music stuff with out all the technical details that other piano programs involve. Pianoforall tends to make studying piano effortless and exciting considering that it makes use of contemporary day music genres rocks, blues, and classics.

Far better than most of the books that you may have tried ahead of, Pianoforall is in the form of pdf and can be utilised on most devices. It also uses effectively-written directions, audios, and videos so you can grasp every thing with minimal hassle.

About the author

The author and the vendor of Pianoforall is a single Robin Hall. Besides being a proficient piano and keyboard teacher, Robin is also a specialist cartoonist with a number of wonderful books to his name. If you are a budding artist, Cartoonist’s Workbook is a guide worth checking out.

About Pianoforall

Pianoforall is a computer-primarily based step-by-step piano guide that aims at generating studying piano the easiest point that you’ll ever do. You can immediately download Pianoforall here or order a CD to be shipped to you. Nonetheless, downloading the system is certainly the best choice. Shipping the CD may take a considerable amount of time given that it ships from abroad.


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Why ought to you purchase Pianoforall piano lessons system?

If there’s 1 purpose why I highly suggest Pianoforall to you, it’s the straightforward strategy that Robin has for piano understanding. He makes it look not only basic but so motivating. Pianoforall lessons have been presented to you in 3 studying ways

1. Videos

This is downright the very best way of studying the piano. This is due to the fact you can see precisely where Robin’s fingers are on the piano and be capable to duplicate the chords and the rhythms easily. He also speaks to you by way of the videos. Worth pointing out is that the best way to view these videos is by setting up your computer at a slightly raised position subsequent to your piano. If you have a piano with a laptop holding best, this will be so easy for you. But you can also DIY a stand for that hassle-freely.

two. Written instructions

The instructions are effectively laid out so even your youngsters can find out to play very easily. To make it simply decipherable, Robin Hall has used clear diagrams, shapes, and patterns in Pianoforall. Regardless of your level of playing the piano, the instructions will make it way straightforward to comprehend every thing.

3. Audios

Pianoforall ebooks also have fantastic audios accompanying the written guidelines. This is a plus given that you won’t be opening other folders or scour the internet for the chords and rhythms.

The video button has also been embedded in the epages. A good function right here is that you can pause and play the videos and the audios as several times as you want for much better understanding.

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Email Assistance

1 thing that makes Robin the greatest piano teacher at heart is the great emphasis that he puts to see that you are set to go with small to no fuss. He has included his email address in the ebook. He is easily reachable and responds promptly. There are numerous testimonials of how this guy has helped other learners download and set up the application on their devices.


Pianoforall ebooks contents

As I did mention, Pianoforall comes is a package of ten ebooks. The interesting bit is how the author has arranged the studying contents from the easiest-to-find out courses to the complex stuff.

The first book, ‘’ Play by Ear’’ is much more of an introduction to piano understanding. It introduces you to some advanced chords not the standard ‘’twinkle twinkle little stars’’ stuff. Although really advanced, Robin ensures that the course is not technical in any way. Following finding out the fundamentals, this book will again provide you lots of today’s well-liked songs. In reality, nothing at all feels excellent than playing a song you’ve often listened to, correct?

The second book in Pianoforall course has loads of modern day day Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll rhythms. The 3rd ebook ‘’Chord Magic’’ is a bridge to much more sophisticated to chords and rhythms. Here, you’ll find wonderful tricks to help you don’t forget the chords. It also teaches you how to change chords quickly employing inversions. Moreover, it has a piano chord chart to boost your memory. The tons of speed finding out workouts here also come in handy as you prepare for complicated chords later in the course.

Book four of Pianoforall introduces you to advanced chords but in an simple way. Books 5, 6, 7, and eight bring a lot more workouts in distinct types of music such as ballads, blues, jazz, and classics.

The 9th book capitalizes on enhancing your playing speeds. This book has lots of workouts and scales that have been presented in a exciting style. The last book packs loads of resourceful data that touches on about the complete course that you have just had. For instance, you will get a guide on how to connect your MIDI Keyboard to the computer. It also has lots of songs that can be played employing the chords and chords that you’ve learnt.

What’s not to like about Pianoforall

The only slight hitch with Pianoforall plan is that the videos are a bit blurry. Nevertheless, Robin explains that the videos were shot in a low resolution to make the whole ebook very easily downloadable. This is really understandable thinking about that the book has over 500 audios and 200 videos all packed in 431mbs.


Pianoforall is a fantastic piano program that any individual in any finding out stage will benefit from. Its sweet spot is that it makes use of properly-written directions, audios, and videos to make understanding simple. Yet another wonderful function is that Robin Hall has utilised properly-identified songs that you have possibly listened to prior to. This alone tends to make finding out easy and enjoyable.

Pianoforall also comes at an incredibly cost-effective cost mark. We’ve noticed the cost tag soar as higher as 79 dollars. So obtaining it at a mere 39 bucks is a real steal. Even greater, Robin backs it with a two-month satisfaction assure. If you don’t find it thrilling inside this time, make contact with Robin and you’ll have your funds back.

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